The Executive Function Program

 I am excited to tell you all about my Executive Function coaching packages. What can you expect when you choose me as your coach? Well, first of all, you can be assured that you have found a coach and tutor who is dedicated to the success and well being of your child. I am also understanding when your child has a bad day and does not want to do the required work. With thousands of hours in this field, I have many tools at my fingertips; tools that will move your reluctant child through the program with ease. As your child becomes successful, you will notice a difference in their behavior and their cooperation, both at home and at school. Reluctance turns to enthusiasm, and with enthusiasm comes a transformation! Please note that my program is not a magic bullet and it does not fix your child. Instead it gives your child the tools to think meta-cognitively and to accomplish goals through high level functions called executive skills.   

When you sign up for my Executive Function coaching modules you will receive the following:


A Functional Assessment to determine behaviors that demonstrate both strong and weak executive skills, when does your child most often exhibit these behaviors and what can be changed in your child's world to make it easier for them to function. 



Classroom Observation either completed by me or by an   instructional aid in your child's classroom. The observation helps  me to see what is in place in the classroom, what the expectations are and how well your child is following through on those expectations. From these observations I can get a better idea of what we need to work on in our sessions. 



Executive Function Skills Questionnaires that will be completed by parents, teachers and the student if the student is old enough to evaluate himself. If the student is too young, this questionnaire may be completed with the parent and anyone else that parent would like to have involved. That person must be close to the child and know him enough to add valuable input to this form.



Executive Function Skills Checklist that will tell me where the problem lies. I will collect, with the help of the parent and teacher, a wide variety of problematic behaviors and then meet with parents to decide which behaviors are the most upsetting to the child's daily routine. We will then agree to work on two or three of these behaviors within the time frame of each module.



Behavioral Information Assessments that will link the  information that we have gathered to make an informative and personalized intervention for your child. Interventions will be student centered. We will identify the problem by gathering information as stated above, target the problem areas, work closely with the student so they can, under guidance, use their own meta-cognitive skills to determine how they should have acted and what they can do to prevent the same problem next time. I then guide them in setting up daily and weekly goals. We brainstorm strategies to prevent this behavior from happening again.

In the course of my Executive Function coaching, I will target the interventions that will be needed to make your child successful. Interventions will include such things as, modified assignments, rubrics, establishing classroom routines for optimum success, providing weekly progress reports to keep parents informed of school assignments, etc. I will, with the help of teachers, put in place a way to monitor the executive skills that we have agreed upon.

Both modules include a home visit so I can determine what factors need to be addressed at home to make the child successful in school. Does your child need a designated study area? Does the child have chores at home and does he follow through on doing the chores in a timely way? I will teach you, as the parent, how to support and supervise your child at home to help him develop the executive skills needed to carry through on ordinary tasks. 

If you purchase the Module 1 we will work on a minimum of two executive skill. All other follow through is the same as the larger module except, of course, the length of time I will be following your child and coaching them through the targeted areas. With Module 2 your child will receive coaching in three or more skills and I will follow your child through his school year so he can achieve greater success. 

Are your ready to get started? Contact me if you would like further information, or head on over to the Executive Coaching Modules and pick the module you would like. Email me with your desired Module and we can get you started when ever you are ready! I look forward to meeting you and your child. 


Tammy Jata 
Certified Executive Function Coach