We cannot express enough how thankful we are to the staff and tutors at Blueberry House. We have not only seen a jump in our son’s grades, but we have also seen a huge improvement in his self esteem. Thank you all for the great work you are doing.

– The Bylers

Jordan wakes up every morning and wonders if she can go to tutoring that day. She loves her tutor. When Jordan returned to school this fall, her teachers asked us what we had done with her over the summer because her reading had improved so much that she was now in the top reading group! We have you guys to thank for that!

– Love, Nancy and Jordan


The teacher told us that our daughter was going to need an IEP. I shared this with a friend who in turn, told us about the work you are doing there at Blueberry House. She said it was the best tutoring service she had ever found! She was right! Thank you every one for your patience and dedication. Sincerely; Chad and Susan

Our sons test results are in! He is scoring higher than he ever has in both Math and Writing! Thank you Blueberry House!

– Paige

Our fifth grade daughter attended homeschool at Blueberry House. It was her best year yet! She entered working at the 2nd grade in Math and Reading. By the end of the year she tested out at 6th grade! There is no way to express our appreciation for all you have done! Thank you!

– Linda