Summer Tutoring

We have now switched to our Fall and Winter Packages for the school year 2022-23. You will find the current packages under our tutoring tab.

Summer is the perfect time to fill the learning gap. Your child does not have school assignments that need done; there is no assigned reading to work on, no study help for tests, and  no missing assignments and catch-up work to do. The beauty of summer tutoring is that the tutoring time can be spent in bridging the gap between this past school year and the next. We can focus on teaching the skills students have missed throughout the school year without worrying about the class moving on! When school opens in the fall, your child will be ready to go. If there are still things that need fine-tuned, instead of starting with an empty slate, we just continue from where we were in the summer! It's a smooth transition into the new school year. 

My summer hours are different than the school hours, so if your child is currently tutoring with me, you may find hours that will work better for you than the crowded after school hours. I am tutoring Tuesdays - Thursdays from 10am - 6:30pm. so you should have no problem finding time slots to fit your busy schedule. A lot of you take vacations in the summer. That's fine! So do I! When you schedule your lessons on the online calendar just skip the days you are out of town and continue scheduling the lessons for the dates after you return.