Our Story

The idea for Blueberry House was born the day I pulled my daughter out of public school. It was the spring of her third-grade year and she could not read or write!

I had taught school for years and I knew that the time had come to quit teaching and to homeschool my daughter.  After 20 years teaching every core subject to multiple grades in one classroom, I knew I could give her the skills she needed to excel academically and emotionally. It was not long until I began tutoring other students at the request of parents who heard about my work with students and were desperate for help with their children. 

My daughter, along with many other students I have tutored, have now successfully entered the workforce and have become outstanding adults. 

The tutoring has since evolved from my humble kitchen table to a building where I am now able to offer both tutoring and a full academic homeschool program to children in the Portland area and beyond.

Although the size of the program has grown, the philosophy of small classes, a love for the students, and a passion for providing a quality education to every student is still strong at the Blueberry House.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the classes here. I would be happy to arrange a time to speak with you about your student, and show you what Blueberry House has to offer.


Tammy Jata - Administrator