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Full-time Students

Yearly Tuition
First Student -       $4,500   ($500 a month)
Second Student -  $3,600   ($400 a month)
Third Student -      $2,700   ($300 a month)
Fourth Student -    $2,250   ($250 a month)

Registration and Family Fee:
$300 per family.

Curriculum Usage Fee:
$200 per child in grades 1-6
$325 per child in grades 7-12

Yearly Art Fee:
$50 per student in Grades 1-6

Maintenance Fee:
$50 per student

Field Trip Fees:
Applied as necessary throughout the school year.

Tuition must be paid by the 1st of every month. Tuition is considered late if not paid by the 10th of the month. A student will be financially withdrawn if payments are two months behind. Students may return when payment and fees have been paid in full.

Exceptions to the above: Payment for the month of May must be in by the first day of classes for that month. If payment is not paid on the first class day of May, the student is financially withdrawn until payment is made in full. No late payments will be accepted in the month of May.

First month late payment: $25.00 fee
Second month late payment: Additional $25.00 fee
Bounced check fee: $25.00

Curriculum Usage fees may be paid in split payments throughout the summer. All book fees must be paid in full by August 1st for returning and new students. If you register for classes, after September 1, you may divide the curriculum usage fee over the first two months that the child attends.