Coaching Module Prices

Total Cost of Program Modules

Module 1 - 26 Hours $3,120

Module 2 - 43 Hours $5,000

Your Module will be individually designed to fit the needs of your child. Days and times for the sessions will be determined upon enrollment into the program.

Module 2 may not be added to Module 1 unless Module 2 is paid in full. You may not pay the balance of Module 2 as an extension on Module 1. These modules are set to reflect different levels of involvement and cover different aspects of Executive Function.

Payment Plan - You may pay the entire module upfront or make payments in two installments. If paid in two installments the payment plan is as follows:

 Module 1

$2,000 – Paid Before First Session

$1,120 – Paid After the First 10 Hours

 Module 2

$3,500 – Paid Before First Session

$1500 – Paid After the First 15 Hours

Call me for a free consultation! I can help you decide which Module will be the best fit for your child.