Benefits of Summer Learning

Not all children are excited about attending summer tutoring, however, tutoring is a sure way to beat the summer brain drain. Not only does it help to sharpen your child's skills, it also helps kids enter the new fall school term with confidence. As a classroom teacher, I can easily tell which of my students have been tutored or have taken academic classes during the summer break. Those students are ready to settle in and are prepared to take off academically from where they left off in the spring. They come in with a mindset of learning.

The child who has not stayed in any classes or participated in any tutoring, has a more difficult time adapting to the classroom schedule and disciplines. As teachers, we need to spend time with these students to reteach material that was taught the following year. How much better would it be if we could begin teaching new concepts right away! 

Look for classes or tutoring this summer that will not only enrich your child's school experience but will also prepare him for fall. Make sure that whatever you choose, your child is learning and having fun at the same time. Summer tutoring and summer classes should not just mimic the school day. Check for teachers and tutors who are excited about their summer program and who are presenting the lessons in fun and engaging ways, using multi-sensory materials and movement to aid in teaching. 

You may also choose to keep learning alive by enrolling your child in summer camps, or online classes. Whatever you choose, make sure that your child is actively involved in the learning process and that the classes, tutoring and camps are all helping to promote learning and give structure to your child's day. 


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