Tammy is the director and founder of Blueberry House Tutoring. She has been in the educational field for over 30 years.  She has taught in schools across the nation, raising grade levels and pushing children to achieve their dreams.  Tammy has a special place in her heart for the children who are struggling to learn. She works with teachers, parents, and students to create achievable goals for academic success.  Tammy has served as a voice on the Title 1 planning committee for Oregon City and regularly works with special education teachers and reading specialists to boost student’s understanding and comprehension of the classroom material.  Tammy’s goal is to help children to become independent thinkers and to help them believe in themselves.

— Tammy Jata —


Christine has been teaching for over 25 years.. She has had a variety of experiences through the years, including working with the disabled and at risk youth. Christine home schooled her own children. She has traveled extensively in Europe and SE Asia, where she learned to speak French fluently. Christine gives French language lessons at Blueberry House. She teaches ESL and Reading Comprehension.  She is creative in her teaching style, and has a great sense of humor. In addition to teaching the basic core subjects, Christine also teaches piano, guitar and ear training.  She is a natural born teacher, and loves to see her students thrive. She and her husband, also a teacher, compose their own songs and accept singing engagements nationwide. They are the parents of six successful adult children.

— Christine —

Valvia has a rich family history.  It’s full of wonderful stories of what life was like in the “old country” compared to what it is to live in America today.  She was born into a family made up of Chinese and Okinawan immigrants.  Although her parents did not emphasize education, she always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  Her dream was partially fulfilled when she  graduated from the University of Hawaii (Manoa campus) with a major in the Japanese language and a minor in Education.  It wasn’t until later in life that she had the opportunity to see the completion of her dream when she began to teach at a private school.  Val’s teaching experience has included not only classroom instruction and homeschooling, but also tutoring students of all ages in various subjects such as math, literature, writing, history, grammar, and Japanese.  She truly enjoys teaching and getting to know all of her students! Val is happily married to a wonderful husband (29 years this year) and has two great sons, David and Jacob.  Val and her husband,  support and encourage each other to pursue their “dreams”!

— Valvia McCormack —

  Karen has many years of experience working with young children and their families through the Early Childhood Program of Clackamas ESD.  She specializes in reading instruction and has extensive knowledge of children’s literature and language arts curriculum. Karen also brings to her teaching a sincere interest in building the self-concept of children so they come to understand themselves as whole, capable learners.  She is skilled in the use of strategies that enable students to use their own particular learning systems to their fullest potential. Karen currently homeschools her daughter, serves as the program developer for ACA Preschool, tutors, and works as the educational consultant for a children’s book company.

— Karen Downing —